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"Providing unique daily experiences for the educational, emotional and physical development of young children"


"Thank you for putting up with us over the last several years! Kid Town has bee like family to us and both our girls have learned so much from all of you! You are a wonderful staff and we will miss all of you! Thanks again and keep doing what you're doing!" - The Mueller Family

"Thank you to all for all your hard work, Love and commitment. You have all been a large part of who I am and who I will be. Keep up all the great work you do!" Love, - Sammy Cambouris

"For the last two years I have enjoyed laughing with, playing with and learning from each of you. Teachers, thank you for guiding me through the world of numbers and letters. Thanks for helping me sharpen my math and reading skills as well as my powers of observation and my sense of respect. Thank you for your understanding and you patience. W ill not forget you! Friends, thanks for playing by my side, for learning along with me and most of all...for being my friends! - Duncan Viktor Daniel

"We have been so blessed by all your staff in so many ways. I cannot express enough gratitude for everything you all have done and the wonderful contributions you have made to Casi’s life. You all helped her become the amazing child she is. Thank you!" - Nick & Sheila C

"Thank all of you so much for everything you have done for Jacob and me. It is much appreciated"
- Love, Kimberly G.

"Thank you for helping me to learn and grow." - Tabatha (former student)

"Thank you all so very much for helping to prepare Olivia for Kindergarten. We will miss you all very much." - Kendra E.

"Thank you so much for everything and everyday you have spent with Kaden. Every tear and every smile. It's sad that it has to come to an end. This center will be remembered and missed. Your teacher's and staff are amazing. Thank you"! - Shawna P.

Dear Kids Town - Thank you for continuing to take great care of our two children! We really appreciate the high quality staff and their true love of children.

It shows in all they do. We have been at other daycare's before and have never seen the experience level or understanding of early childhood development exhibited by your teachers. You really do hire the best and you are known for it at other centers. We appreciate that you take good care of your staff so that they focus on taking great care of the kids.

The different centers/areas of the building are just one of the many things that set your facility apart from and above the rest. Having to be in only one room all day really doesn't provide children with the variety that they yearn for. Another higher quality attribute is an on-staff dedicated cook. Often the smells coming from the Diner in the morning make me want to stay for lunch! I appreciate that I have never seen Poptarts on the breakfast menu!

Our only desire would be that you were able to increase space to accommodate before and after school care because we would love for our children to continue with you thru their school years. - Best Regards, Ben & Crissy S.

“We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done over the last three years for Madeline. She has learned so much and is very prepared for Kindergarten thanks to all of you! Maddy is very sad about leaving but is looking forward to her new school. Aubrey will be roaming your halls soon enough. (Good Luck-she is nothing like her big sis!!) Thanks again!” - Amy & Steve M.

“Thank you for all the wonderful care you’ve provided for our son! You will be sorely missed.”
- Asher & Joe M.

“I wanted to thank each and every one of you for all the hard work and dedication you gave into teaching Joseph. All of you have done such a wonderful job with him and I can not think you enough. Kids Town has been such a blessing to our family. We are going to miss all of you. I know Joseph will do well in Kindergarten because of all of you. Thank you again! - Deanna B.

“Thank you for always doing your best and helping Daniel grow up to a good little man. You guys are the best.” - Sarah & Kevin V.

“Thanks for creating a loving and caring environment for Aaron. Some evenings when I pick items up he wants to stay. That speaks for how much he likes it there and warms out hearts. We are grateful for the teachers, Ms. Laura, Mr. Anthony, and Ms. Danielle and of course for blue suckers.” - Manning Family

“Thank you to everyone at Kids Town! Everyone here has played an integral part in Lilli’s life. You all have been so nice and we thank you for all of your caring hearts and warm hugs. We will miss you greatly!
- Jayda & Lilli R.

Our family could not have found a better school with a more caring and loving school. My only regret is not being able to come back. We will miss the entire staff- our hearts are broken we have to leave. Thank you for all you have done. You are the BEST! - Alexia V.

“You are all awesome!” - Matt, Melissa, and Karen H.

“We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the excellent care provided to our son. The growth and development he has experienced speaks volumes of the skilled and caring teachers at your center. We definitely felt a sense of community and it was a pleasure to participate in the many family events. We will remain in touch to keep you abreast of his progress and rewards of your labor with him.”
- Andrea & Gerald M.

“I can’t begin to tell you all how much you have touched Soren’s life. He will miss you all so much. The center has been such an important part of his life. All the wonderful things Soren has learned will stay with him forever. We all have to move on with their lives but I wish he could have stayed longer. Thank you all for everything. I hope and wish for all of you the best in your lives.” - Jeanene

“I’ll Remember Kids Town. Thank you, Kids Town teachers for helping me to learn what I need to know. I’ll always remember you, no matter where I go. Thank you, Kids Town teachers, for being so nice and kind and good. I like you so much, teachers. I’d stay here if I could! - Sarah H.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done to help Sarah have a wonderful year here at Kids Town. She has learned so much and has truly enjoyed her time here. She will miss all her friends here, including each of you. While she is looking forward to starting Kindergarten in just a couple of weeks, we are certain she’ll miss being here! Thanks again for everything! You have all made her time here fun and have helped prepare her well for school!” - Sean, Kimberly, & Sarah H.

"Our son has been going to Kids Town for over a year now. He loves it and so do we. The teachers are great. Very qualified and fun to the kids." - Brian P.

"I have to say this is the best Day Care in town. I have been to several other day care centers over the years and nothing compares. Their food is home cooked and careful attention is given to individual needs. They are meticulous at keeping their center clean which is especially helpful in flu season. They also afford children extra attention when needed. My third child came home and told me they rubbed his back so he could fall asleep. He also was very upset when he turned five and could no longer attend their center.

We just knew this was the place to take our fourth when the time came and we needed day care for him. When we went to enroll our two-year-old son, a lot of the teachers were the same and remembered my eight-year-old son from four years prior!!! Kids Town is a real blessing to our family and we highly recommend this center." - Jennifer S. (Brunswick, OH)



  • Brunswick Police - FACT Visitation Program - Ohio Domestic Violence Network
  • Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • First Steps: Ohio's Infant and Toddler Initiative
  • The American Music Therapy Association








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